Thursday, May 20, 2010

My child is the best!

I know my children are outstanding. 

My three kids are utterly brilliant in everything they do and I'm proud of it. They're special in the way that your children are remarkable to you.

Yet I often feel like I can't talk about their achievements. There's an unspoken rule amongst my parenting friends that prevents anyone from perching their child on a pedestal. And I'm not sure why. If anyone will understand the absolute joy I get from my children achieving, it should be other parents - because they get it too. 

Yet my friends feel uncomfortable with trumpeting their children's skills and so it creates fodder for awkward conversation: people feel like they have to justify their child's brilliance with their mediocrity. I've heard many exchanges like this: 
   "Did I hear your son reading the other day?" 
   "Yeah my son has taught himself to read but it's nothing you know, he's still throwing tantrums and wearing a nappy at night." 

It is ridiculous! 

I think it stems back from early parenting groups where mothers became too sensitive towards the parent whose child didn't roll until 10 months, or whose child didn't speak until 18 months. Everyone was being careful not to hurt their feelings that they shut down their own abilities to crow about their children. 

At the other end of the scale, it could be really annoying to listen to someone detail the clever way their child gets out of bed to the flawless way they fall asleep at night. So perhaps it's best to pick which items are worth talking about and to do it in a humble yet delighted fashion. 

I say throw off the shackles that are keeping you 'mum' and let those kids shine. They'll enjoy hearing their parents speak proudly of them, and you'll relish not having to keep those milestones quiet! You'll get to teach them to be proud of their own achievements and to accept compliments graciously. 


  1. This is a topic I've been thinking about a lot of late. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the matter. It is a wise mum who knows when to celebrate her child's success with other mothers, and when to just smile to herself.

  2. Great post...that's why I love blogging. I can share what my kids are up to, ramble on about how brilliant I think they are and who cares what other people think, if they aren't interested, don't read my blog! My kids love looking at the blog and reading the great things I say about them. I agree. Naomi

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