Thursday, April 22, 2010

Child care glut

The Federal Government has reversed its election promise to institute 260 childcare centres across the country. 

A 2010 study of vacancies found there were more than 70 000 places every day during the week of March 19 (see The Age article). 

Fearing a potential glut in the system, the government will continue with the construction of 38 centres, but scrap the remaining plans in order to protect the current services. 

Melbourne recorded the highest number of vacancies for the country. 

What have you found in your area? 

When Mothers Matter started in 2005, families living or working in inner bayside suburbs suffered the most from the child care shortage. Families within the City of Melbourne were also struggling to find places. 

From my Essendon base, there have been several new centres built over the last year - all with vacancies. It's the older centres, with longstanding good reputations that still have waiting lists that read like a short novel. 

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